Building Your Workforce.

The Dog Network is a team of creative web professionals specializing in web development, organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), online marketing, and social media strategies exclusively for dog professionals. We’re dedicated to increasing client leads, visibility, and exposure through emerging online technologies. Our only focus is the dog industry; which means we understand your business and how to uniquely target your market.

Our philosophy is simple: Lets maximize your client leads and income, while minimizing your marketing cost; which makes us the most reliable, most affordable marketing company available.

Whether you are interested in gaining leads that translate into jobs or you want a more customized marketing approach, we are here to design a marketing campaign that works-without you having to spend thousands of dollars to get results. We also will not offer our marketing services to other dog professionals in your area – The Dog Network has the highest standards in online business ethics.

We’re not like the rest.

  • No long term commitments – You decide how long you want in.
  • No contracts – You can stop if or when you want.
  • Affordable SEO services - Services for everyone’s budget. 
  • Exclusive marketing areas – No other member can market through us in your area.
  • Free advertising – We promote your company’s upcoming events on our national site.
  • Business presence – Strong nationwide network.

We care that you succeed; your success is our success.